Tones on Tail

Tones on Tail

gini, gini, speak to me, gini, I let the words they shove in front of you crawl right back

Tones on Tail was formed in 1982 by Daniel Ash (guitar, saxophone, vocals) & Glenn Campling (bass, keyboards). During their active years, from 1982 to 1984, they had 1 other band member: Kevin Haskins (drums).

associated bands: Bauhaus & Love and Rockets.

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Tones on Tail was an "eclectic" musical side project of Daniel Ash of Bauhaus, along with art school friend, flatmate, and "Bauhaus roadie" Glenn Campling in 1982. After the breakup of Bauhaus in 1983, they were joined by drummer Kevin Haskins. Their music was described by one critic as "doom-and-dance-pop". The band disbanded in 1984 shortly before Ash and Haskins went on to form Love and Rockets.

In concert, the band sported all-white. Their track "Go!" was one of the sample sources for Moby's "Go". They did one short tour of the UK and North America. The 1998 release Everything!, is a two-CD set of every track, remastered, plus a radio interview with Ash and Haskins.

Writing for Allmusic, critic Ned Raggett said "With their former band's generally gloomier shadows left behind, what Ash and Haskins draw from their time with Bauhaus is that group's melange of styles—their most underappreciated strength." Richard Williams of The Michigan Daily said "Tones on Tail carries on with the traditional Bauhaus taste for the macabre, but charts new courses of twisting the pop thing." James Muretich of The Calgary Herald wrote "From the ashes of Bauhaus has arisen a British trio that is turning into one of the most impressive and macabre dance bands around."

Tones on Tail

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