The Sisters of Mercy

The Sisters of Mercy

out there on a darkened road, the lines are dead and the cars explode...

The Sisters of Mercy was formed in 1979 by Andrew Eldritch (vocals), Doktor Avalanche (drum machine) & Gary Marx (guitar). During their active years, from 1980 to 1988, they had 4 other band members: Ben Gunn (guitar), Craig Adams (bass), Patricia Morrison (bass) & Wayne Hussey (guitar).

What are they doing now? still going - their 30th anniversary gig was in Leeds, Feb 2011.

associated bands: The Sisterhood.

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...but in here, there’s nothing but the good things.  And the Sisters really are the good things.  The spidery scrawl of the guitar over the industrial thump of the Doktor and the bass proved seminal, and launched a thousand Rosetta Stones.  Along with Bauhaus, the Sisters are the god-fathers of goth, effortlessly combining the sound and the all important image - razor thin cheekbones, whippet like physique, a penchant for black clothing and shades.  Indoors.  Oh yeah, and pale.  Really pale.  

But the Sisters are the garage trash rock to Bauhaus’s art-rock.  The simplicity and stark beauty of the early singles were augmented by Hussey’s 12 string for First and Last and Always – their debut, and stand-out, LP – on which every track is of the highest quality.  But it was to be short-lived - Hussey was aiming for psych-folk-rock, and Eldritch wasn’t playing.  Just before their showcase gig at the Royal Albert Hall Gary Marx quits and it proves to be their last gig.  So, the band explodes and acrimony ensues and Hussey and Adams peel off to form the Mission, and Marx forms Ghostdance.  
Eldritch resurfaces on the TV drenched in baby oil in some kind of Mad Max parody.  Floodland was born and, although flawed, there are some standout moments – driven like the snow, anyone?
Gods & Alcoves - 2011 

The Sisters of Mercy

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