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1919 was formed in December 1980 by Ian Tilleard (vocals), Mark Tighe (guitar), Mick Reed (drums) & Nick Hiles (bass). During their active years, from 1982 to 1984, they had 2 other band members: Kev Aston (saxophone) & Steve Madden (bass).

What are they doing now? Don't know, but if you know, please get in touch..

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1919? Never heard of them? Well, you’re not alone not to have. Sadly it looks like 1919 must be one of the most overlooked bands of the early eighties. Somehow 1919 never seems to get the attention they deserve when looking back to the early gothic/positive punk scene. Even Mick Mercer admits in his excellent Gothic Rock book that he don't know much about the band apart from being a "deep humble mumbling Bradford band who were pretty dancey".


1919 were formed in the industrial town of Bradford in December 1980 with, according to drummer Mick Reed, "the purpose to create a heavy melodic intense dance band with no frills and no intentions". Heavy and intense they surely were. I remember entering the Small Wonder record store in north London one rainy day in 1983 to thundering drums and a menacing haunting voice chanting "Alien don't come in here - Alien stay out there", and over all this, the sound of a guitar obviously stringed with barbwire. This was my first encounter to 1919 and I was almost knocked to the floor by the power, desperation and anguish of the songs. My intention was to buy myself some Killing Joke record but instead I found myself walking away from the shop with the 1919 Machine album as well as the two 7 inches Caged & Repulsion under my arm. The next offering from the band didn't come until the excellent Cry Wolf single and sadly, by the time the Earth Song 12" EP was released the band had already decided to call it a day.


What strikes me most when listening to 1919 nowadays is how well the songs stands up to the trial of time compared to many of their contemporaries. Hopefully this release will prove how powerful & strong 1919s music really was and I hope that the band finally will get the recognition they deserve.


Per-Ake Warn - April 2001



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