Gods & Alcoves

Gods & Alcoves

Goth, Alternative and Post-punk, 1979 to 1989

When punk’s brief fire burned out, the emerging post-punk, alternative and goth bands took the punk ethos and energy in different directions. The period from 1979 - 1989 provided the richest source of music and this site is a record of the bands records, gigs, sessions and people from that golden era.
But this is only the first iteration of the site. Although it contains 730 records, over 1,100 songs, over 3,400 gigs, over 100 people and almost 450 images it doesn't yet contain any any reviews, cuttings, clippings, flyers or any of the other memorabilia from the era.

We have a large pile to be scanned in, but we are looking to you, our website visitors, to share your artefacts and help this site become the outstanding goth, alternative and post-punk resource on the web.

January 1990 - thirty years ago

12" LP (x5)
Jan 1990
 Compilation · Box Set